Meet the future of rental property management: NestEgg

Tyler Griffin
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

The problem: Independent landlords are busy and often overwhelmed by managing rent, contractors, and tenants without expensive property management companies.

NestEgg’s solution: A highly automated platform that allows landlords to accept and ensure on-time payments, coordinate maintenance among a marketplace of vetted vendors, and find prospective tenants.

Why NestEgg is different: Proven engagement, an incredible team of technologists, and a high-quality labor marketplace.

Why it’s the right investment for us: We’ve invested in several real-estate focused startups, and in this instance we believe NestEgg is solving two huge problems: rent payment and maintenance. NestEgg is building a great brand, and our team’s experience will help them hone their message, build financing partnerships, and expand their marketplace.

Why NestEgg matters: NestEgg is combining a simple user interface, multi-sided marketplace, and payment facilitation all in one. Independent landlords have long been underserved by existing technology and traditional property management, and the time is right to combine the efficiency of on-demand labor marketplaces with the sophistication of automated payment tools.

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